Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Void

We are born with it, but realize it much later in life. When we are done with the mundane, when our every need and want and desire is taken care of, or so we think, that's when one day it hits us. You can't deny its presence, it's too strong.

The void, the emptiness, the yearning for the unknown, unseen. It's difficult to define it, so I won't attempt to do that. I'll just write what I feel about it.

This void is present in the lyrics of the songs we love to death, the haunting tune/melody that we can't get out of our head, the craving to travel - to go to some place where you have probably been in another lifetime and you hope that somewhere you will find it.

It gets worse when it comes to people. Sometimes you think you found yourself in another person, when they mirror your every thought, every yearning and you know that at least your void has company now. Whether they can fill the void or not, is another matter.

But in the end, people are people. They are slaves of their own principles and desires and they will leave one day. The songs will numb your pain but won't make you feel alive anymore. The places you visit, lose their charm. Somehow, nothing in this world seems to match to what you are looking for.

So you are back to square one. The void stares at you. It doesn't kill you, but doesn't let you live either.

And you begin new journeys every day, to fill it...