Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Let's melt and flow away
Away from ourselves
Find a new world
Or create one today

Let's drift away
To another galaxy
Where you put stars in my hair
As I gaze at you lovingly

Let's walk away
From everything here
And find a new world
Inside each other's hearts

Let's drown then
Inside each other's darkness
And find that light
We'd failed to find yet

Let's write away
Our pain and sorrows
And erase them all
One loving rub at a time

Let's begin anew
Like a dawn that breaks
After a really long night
And we'll see the sun rise, just for us

For who knows how much time
We have left here to borrow
Who knows what life will
Throw at us tomorrow

So let's take that road less traveled
And change the journey of our lives
As I become your destination now
And you become mine...