Thursday, October 29, 2015


Hush heart!

Do you hear the nothingness?
It's telling you stories
Of bygone times
Of a live lived fully
In both pleasure and pain

Hush mind!

Do you see the vacuum
Where nothing exists
Yet everything  does

Hush soul!

Don't you recognize
The one who knows you
Inside out

Hush girl!

Don't you see the woman
Who you have become
How everything changed
Yet nothing did

Hush Woman!

Don't you see the little girl
Who still exists
Deep within you
reveling in "nothingness"

Monday, October 5, 2015

This winter - Come home...

Do you feel it yet?
The nip in the air
The breeze turning chilly
The fragrance of winter

The time when you were  safe
When you were loved
When your world was cozy
As cozy as it was in your mother's womb

Do you sense it yet
All your wounds healing
Your search coming to an end
Like coming home after a tiring journey

Oh don't you see it yet
The scars are fading
There are silver lines where
You had gaping wounds
You are healing from within and without

Do you know now
That you had to run senselessly
Fall down and bruise yourself
Only to pick yourself up one last time

So let this winter embrace you
Let it hold your hand
And bring you home...