Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I'm not in love with you...

I'm not in love with you
Though I do love you a lot
Just not the way I did
When you had swept me
Off my young feet

I don't go weak in my knees
When I see you anymore
But I do feel protected
And at home, when you're around

I don't remember the last time
My heart beat faster at your sight
But I do remember
Feeling warm when I see you in the crowd

I don't think I wait for your touch
That used to awaken all my senses
But I can't deny
That there is something pious
About the way you do touch me

I haven't planned a surprise for you in a while
And you haven't bothered to give me a gift
But each day that passes by in your comapny
Gives me reasons to smile when alone

You are not the one
I feel like dressing up for
But I know you love me
Even when I am at my worst

So, no, I don't think I love you anymore
As I loved the thrill of a new relationship
But I think our love has just merged us both
Into the same being

After all, we don't usually love ourselves...